Brown hair like his daughter's that is tied back into a ponytail, along with brown eyes. He also wears an orange shirt.



Tahn is very concerned with Sky's safety, and he thinks Aida is a danger to his daughter.


He was married to Sky's mother, Evanna. But she was killed when Sky was very young. He learned Alchemy at an academy in Ildis.


He was murdered in the first chapter, along with the rest of the camp, causing Sky and Aida to travel with Tillie and Zander.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Tahn is an alchemist with exceptional medical skills.


  • Evanna (Wife): deceased
  • Sky (daughter): Sky loves Tahn a lot, but they seem to have a lot of squabbles involving Aida. He also knows that Sky blames him for her mother's death.
  • Aida: He helped save Aida's life when she was found on the brink of death by Sky, though he thinks she is irresponsible and a danger to his daughter.



  • "I suppose you're done putting my daughter in danger?" - To Aida[1]
  • "Don't forget. We are letting you stay in the camp out of kindness..." -To Aida[1]
  • "Whatever you do, keep her alive... Consider this a favor for your life." -To Aida[1]


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