Sky Chapter 2

Tears (by Jace)






25 (as of chapter 3)


168 cm (5'6")


May 3 (Taurus)

Hair Color

Ash Brown

Eye Color

Sky Blue

Personal Status



Tahn (Father, Deceased)

Evanna (Mother,Deceased)


Enchanted Alchemy


Enchanted Glove

Close friends with Aida ever since she and her father, Tahn, found and saved her life her six years prior to the start of the story, Sky serves as the anchor for Aida's humanity and remains her best friend throughout the entire tale. Originally wanting to become a master thief like her mother, she eventually drops that dream to become an alchemist like her father before her, but still retains the memory of her father dear to her.


Chapter 1Edit

Sky has long, brown hair that she keeps up into a messy ponytail, and she also has sky-blue eyes, linking in with her name. Sky also has tanned skin, inheriting that trait from her father (though her mother's appearance is unknown). Throughout the first chapter, she is seen wearing a brown tube top with green gloves that go up to her forearms, and black pants. She appears wearing winged eyeliner, which is later changed in Chapter 3.


Chapter 3 'Sleepless'


Sky in Chapter One

Chapter 2Edit

In Chapter 2, the player can customize Sky's hairstyle. The first option is the "Original" style, which is the same as the one in Chapter 1. The two new options are the "Innocent" style, which puts her hair in two short, messy braids, and the "Lady" style, which is a more mature low-side ponytail, with side bangs that covers half her left eye. Sky also receives an outfit change to a pale green and white outfit, more fitting with Ildis's culture, where she has studied for the year that Aida has been supposed dead.

Chapter 3 Edit

In chapter 3, the new hairstyle was "sleepless" an opened hairstyle. The other three are same. It seems that Sky's eyelashes are different than chapter 1-2, and she has heavy eyeliner. Her outfit remains the same as pale green and white, but her scarf is shorter than before and her top is cut lower.


In one word, Sky could be described as "devoted". Though she starts out as very unsure of herself and her abilities, Sky is utterly devoted to her close friends, and was devastated when Aida was presumed dead after the events of Chapter One. She has a close link with her mother, hinted by Cal that she has been constantly reading her mother's journals ever since she found them. Though not entirely confident at first, she soon learns to embrace her weaknesses, and pursue a path for herself in the art of alchemy. Though she does possess a slight temper when it comes to threatening or harm to her loved ones (especially Aida), she does mature through the story, to the point where she is not inherently dependent on Aida for support, and even manages to stand up for herself when confronted about her feelings for Diego. Her transition through each chapter is embracing her weaknesses and turning them intro strengths, and ultimately becoming a person who can function on her own, but still keeps her friends close.


Sky first met Aida after the latter had been attacked by Kael, and her father, Tahn, saved Aida's life. Once Aida had recovered, she and Sky had become very good friends. Sky's mother was a thief who died, and Sky blames her father for her death. Sky's main link to her mother are some journals, which include references to the Old Kingdom. Sky is now a student at Zander and Tillie's former school in Ildis. Sky is studying combat magic and Enchanted Alchemy.


Chapter 1

It starts off with Aida and Sky in the Nifty Fox Inn in Davenside, pulling the "drunken fight" trick to steal some money. The two girls return to the camp, where Sky retires to the tent to read through her mother's journals. She finds information about a "hidden temple" in Ionmarsh that contains part of a map to the Old Kingdom, which she begs Aida to search for with her. Early in the morning, the two sneak out and begin their quest. Sky spots something moving in the bushes and is terrified, but soon learns that it's only a rabbit. The two make their way to Ionmarsh, and find a ruined temple like the one mentioned in the journals. Sky finds a switch on the wall of the temple and flips it, revealing a room with an old queen statue. After Aida activates the secret tunnel, the two move into the second room. Sky begins to despair when the second room seems to be a dead end. However, Tillie and Zander enter and Tillie points out the map etched on the floor. Sky suggests the two duos team up to look for the Old Kingdom, and they all agree and head back to camp to rest. On the journey, Sky learns a little bit about poisonous arrows from Tillie. However, once she reaches the camp, she panics when she sees that they have been attacked and the other residents have perished. Sky immediately runs to her tent, where her father is lying dead. She cradles his head and cries, and when Aida enters she asks to be alone for a while. Aida mentions that the journals have been stolen, which shocks Sky since she does not believe anyone else knows of them. Eventually, she exits the tent, resolved to get the journals back. The group agrees to go to Northcliff and have Aida infiltrate the Eagles, the group that Zander and Tillie believe are responsible for the murders and theft. The group arrives in Northcliff. Sky waits in the Fragile Falcon's Inn with Zander and Tillie as Aida begins her hunt for the Eagles. When she hears a fight outside the inn, Sky and the rest of the group run out. She then meets Jace, who she immediately does not trust. When Tillie learns that Jace has ruined Aida's plan to infiltrate the Eagles, she and Zander leave to save her, leaving Sky behind. After their escape, the party regroups. After some discussion, the entire party leaves for the Crimson River, where Diego is taking the journals. At the river, the group finds Diego's hideout in a dilapidated castle. Sky helps Tillie occupy the outside guards, while Aida goes in for the journals. Sky is left outside while Tillie goes into the building to help. When the group exits again the building collapses and Aida is not with them. Sky asks where Aida is, and begins to cry when she realizes she was left behind.


In Chapter 1, Sky has a bow and arrow, but Aida notes that she's "pretty bad at archery." While in Ildis, Sky studied Enchanted Alchemy at the Arcane Arts school. She created her enchanted glove which allowed her to use one elemental power at a time, which she chose to be lightning.


  • Aida: Aida is Sky's best friend. They met one another when Sky and her father found Aida injured on the ground in the woods, near death. Since being saved by Tahn, Aida has lived with Sky and her fellow thieves in a camp not far from a city, developing a close kinship with one another over the six years that Aida was with her camp. After the death of her fellow camp members, Sky continuously tries to keep Aida safe, begging her not to die and scolding her when she does something reckless, as she cannot afford to lose Aida as well. When Sky is reunited with Aida in chapter 2, she is furious and actually shocks Aida with her enchanted item. However, Sky seems to forgive her relatively quickly, and the two are still close, but Aida and Sky begin to develop more independently from one another. In Chapter 3, It's mentioned in Kole's love confession that Aida checks on Sky every night before she goes to sleep, and listens to her when she cries. In addition, a Kaleik fortune teller tells Aida that although Sky has lost much, she still cares deeply for Aida and worries over her often. Close to the end of Chapter 3, when it is discovered that Sky and Diego have developed a sort of tentative relationship, Aida is visibly worried. She confronts Sky and the two argue about the pairing, showing that even though she and Sky had been growing independent since Chapter 2, Aida is still a little reluctant to let her friend make her own choices. Whatever character Aida decided to bring with her to the fake slave transaction at Queen Calida's palace will warn her about being too controlling of Sky, but she becomes angry and defensive, unwilling to let go. However, at the end of Chapter 3, it seems more like she's willing to let Sky grow, and the two remain strong friends.
  • Tillie : Tillie and Sky became friends when they saved Aida from an incubus in the ruins in Ionmarsh, they had both decided that they would travel together. She was also the one to get Sky to practice alchemy. Tillie and Sky have formed a very close friendship in the year Aida was missing. Sky and Tillie tended to gang up on Aida from time to time, mostly regarding boys, showing how much their relationship has developed since the beginning.
  • Diego: Diego and Sky had a very rocky start on their relationship, as Diego was the one who murdered her father and friends at the beginning of chapter 1. However, at the end of chapter 2 and beginning of chapter 3, it is shown that Aida and her group (Sky included) have allied with the Eagles, as they are on the same side. Throughout Chapter 3, it is shown that Diego and Sky's relationship has greatly improved, as hinted at when Diego carries Sky to her room after she falls down, drunk. Near the end of the chapter 3, Sky is revealed to be in love with and have kissed Diego, though she attempts to deny her feelings and even argues about it with Aida. She even bakes for Diego and the Eagles occassionally. It's unknown whether or not he returns Sky's feelings, though it is greatly hinted at, since he blushed when speaking to her multiple times, reacts very calmly to her (though he tends to react more aggressively with others), and called her his girlfriend (even as a cover up). He gave Sky a necklace and was close to Sky's mother. In the end scene, Sky stands next to Diego, and has an eagle tattoo and black dress. Which means Sky is currently an Eagle member.
  • Kole: Sky isn't very sociable or shows much respect for him, since he is a part of the eagles. She describe him for being creepy and a stalker, and tells him to stay away from her. When later Sky and the co. arrivies at the kaleik camp, Sky is furious and blames him for not protecting her best friend. At the end she seems to have it fine with him.   


  • Sky loves baked goods like bread and cookies, and is also quite good at baking for others (though usually there is some implied romance if she bakes for a specific person, as the case with Jalen and Diego).
  • Sky likes the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning.
  • In Chapter 2, Jace calls her 'Tears', and says that it's because she's always crying. Sky's constant crying is a running gag in the series, as Aida notes it again when Sky is crying at Tillie's wedding, to which Sky is not too happy about. "It's a happy occasion!"
  • Her mother was originally part of The Eagles.
  • Sky has a preference for gloves.
  • Her favorite color is green.[1]
  • On the alchemy table in Chapter 3, Aida notes that Sky is a fan of Menensia flowers, and that she often carries around a bottle of herbal oil with her.


  • [About her Father] Sky: "I didn't say anything to him... I just sneaked out. He died wondering where I was... maybe he was worried... This is all my fault." Aida: "Yeah, I hardly think you're capable of killing two skilled thieves, a humongous mercenary and a talented alchemist by yourself. It was the Eagles who killed these guys...not you." Sky: "No, I didn't mean to...I blamed him, Aida. For my mother's death, and he knew that...he died knowing I always blamed him. And I can't just forget about this. I just can't let this one go. When you lose someone... like this.I keep thinking to myself. Wondering if things would be different, if only I could say the things I never did. Aida: "Would you really feel better if you could say the things you never did?" Sky: "I guess now I'll never know."[2]
  • "Don't make a habit of this "dying", Aida."
  • "I'll be there for you, until the last minute. You will never be alone." -To Aida
  • [About her mother] "Maybe you're right... maybe she simply wanted to protect me from harm."[2]
  • "I'm going to be someone I will be proud of! It's time I stop hiding in my mother's shadow... I will become a strong woman. And not "just like her". I will be a strong woman, in my own way."
  • [Reuniting with Aida] "I just want you to be alive. I want my best friend-- no, sister, to be alive."
  • [Sky's letter to Aida in Chapter 3 (if no romance option is chosen)] "Aida, please stop stealing my stuff. I told you, I am not going to make you an invisibility potion. And don't even try to make one on your own. Ask Tillie. Also, please return my Alchemy book as soon as possible! - Sky."
  • [Sky to Aida in Chapter 1 (if you bought new clothes) Sky:Zander has been checking out your new outfit out... how to say... very intensely. Aida:Maybe he has very good taste in clothes. Sky:Then i have to say, he is particularly interested in the back of your pants.



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