A town in Valond that is introduced to Ascension in Chapter 1, Davenside contains the Nifty Fox Inn, which Sky claims is the "best place to find every kind of lowlife." In the years prior to Chapter 1, Aida frequents the Nifty Fox Inn in order to steal gold from the drunkards. Sometimes, Sky accompanies her to pull off the "drunken fight" trick, which results in a greater profit. However, Tahn, Sky's father, objects to this practice because he believes it puts Sky in too much danger.

The Crimson Forest to the south of Davenside, contains Aida's camp.[1] Aida's camp is very simple, consisting of two tents, one for men and one for women, in a grassy clearing. Sky, Tahn, Cal, Jalen, Emsay, and Brale live in the camp with Aida prior to the start of Chapter 1. At the beginning of Chapter 1, Aida has lived in the camp for six years, ever since she was saved by Sky and her father. In Chapter 1, the Eagles ambush Aida's camp, killing all of the residents except Sky and Aida, who were out exploring the ruined temple in Ironmarsh during the attack, and stealing Sky's mother's journals.

References Edit

  1. Chapter 1; Map in Aida's Tent

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