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December 13 (Sagittarius)

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Meimei (Daughter)

Captain Nina is a lith and the captain of the Savage Princess; she's helped Aida various times throughout the game, usually by providing Aida's team transport throughout Arunia. Currently, she is seen in both Chapter 2 and 3, and it is unknown if she will have a cameo in the sequel, Ascension: Echoes in the Dark. Aida encounters her daughter, Meimei in a tavern in Chapter 1.


Captian Nina has the typical Lith animal features, which for her appear to be black cat ears. Nina has short black hair with some pieces pulled into two braids on either side of her face. She has one faint stripe coming down from her forehead to the middle of her nose, as well as two identical stripes on either side of her face. She wears a sleeveless red blouse, a black corset, and a black choker with a bell on it.


You're first introduced to Captain Nina when you leave Sundrop Island and are headed towards Taran. Nina asks Aida for help in searching the crew rooms to find out who is smuggling illegal potions aboard her ship. You find out that a trusted crew member, Pain, has been smuggling the potions. Upon returning to the Captain's room, you save her from a crew member who was going to attack her. The second time you see Nina is when you are leaving Taran to head over to Ildis, and you have a short conversation with her about Seena. The third time you encounter her is when you are about to leave Ildis and you find her being questioned by a group of Eagles members.


  • Nina has threatened to hit Kole on the head with an anchor.


  • "Let me offically welcome you to "The Savage Princess"! Old girl but stable! May not be the fastest of all but she's been with me for years."
  • "Don't get into too much trouble.." ( said to Aida before she gets off the ship in Taran)
  • "I told you! I don't know anything! And even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you anythin'... That girl saved my life!." (Said to The Eagles members about Aida)

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