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Aida Ethelind Fairbairn







160 cm


June 12 (Gemini)

Hair Color


Eye Color

Lime Green

Personal Status



King Adrian Fairbairn (father, deceased)

Queen Kathleen Eira Drummond (mother, deceased)

King Kael (brother, deceased)

King Landon Fairbairn (paternal uncle)

Arthur Fairbairn (possible paternal cousin)

Phillip Fairbairn (possible paternal cousin)


Noble (Former)



Aida (full name : Aida Ethelind Fairbairn) the main protagonist of the first 3 chapters of the Visual Novel Series Ascension. She is known to be a noble and is infamous for her foul language, even as far as being told that she swears like a 'dwarven sailor'.


Aida has the silver hair that is characteristic of all nobles, which she usually wears long. Unlike other nobles, her eyes are lime green rather than red due to her half-human status, and the fact she was de-powered by her brother, Kael. However, for most of Chapter 3, when put under emotional duress her eye colour changes to red, indicating that her Noble heritage has shown.

She also has a long diagonal scar on her stomach which was inflicted by her brother and his lackeys in her past (before the events of Chapter 1).Her appearance often causes a lot of unwanted attention, as the majority of people are afraid of nobles and prefer to keep a safe distance from them.

Chapter 1Edit

Aida's appearance and hairstyles change depending on what personality option is the highest for her. If her "goodwill" meter is the highest, light blue and white tattoos appear on her face. If her "cunning" meter is the highest, multiple piercings will appear on her face and ears; red nail polish, golden jewelry and wavy hair may also appear depending on your "cunning" level. If her "rage" meter is the highest, scars and tattoos will appear on her face and arm, respectively. Her hair will suddenly be in a ponytail and her nail-polish shall be black. Otherwise, her hair remains relatively straight. She initially wears a cream blouse with brown straps and a brown glove on her left arm with black trousers. When Aida arrives in Northcliff, the player has the option to buy a new outfit from the four that are offered at Anissa's Dresses.

Chapter 2Edit

At the beginning of Chapter 2, the player is able to customize Aida's hairstyle as well as give her any tattoos. There are nine options for Aida's hairstyle on the top, and ten options for the style in back, generating 90 combined options. Her default hairstyle is a simple long braid. Aida has four options for tattoo patterns, including an Eagles tattoo on her chest. The starting outfit that Aida wears is a green tube top with brown halter straps and an orange wrap that she wears as a skirt. There is a pair of "Island Earrings" that can be found in the sand on the main beach of Sundrop Island. A ragged swimsuit in cream and brown is found in Sundrop Island's Winged Coast. Later, in Ildis, Aida receives Ildisian robes in purple, blue and black from Tillie, and if she visits the jewelry store will be given pearl earrings. After that, the player can buy her one of two outfits that are similair to the ones from Anissa's Dresses in Chapter 1. When Aida's group returns to The Savage Princess, another outfit can be found in the cabin as a gift from Captain Nina.

  • Aida's starter outfit in Chapter 1.
  • The first outfit from Anissa's.
  • The second outfit from Anissa's.
  • The third dress from Anissa's.
  • The fourth dress from Anissa's.

Chapter 3

In Chapter 3 she has the most possible outfits out of any chapter. At the beginning of Chapter 3, the player is also able to customize Aida's hairstyle as well as give her any tattoos. This time, she has ten options for her hairstyle on top and eleven in back, resulting in 110 possible combinations. She has the same four options for tattoos. The starting outfit that Aida wears is a black, fitted, strapless, sweetheart neckline top under a brown - possibly leather - front-lacing corset and a pair of long, fitted black pants. If Aida wins the drinking game, she wins a pair of "Eyes of the Sea" earrings. Later, on Captain Nina's ship, she gets a long-sleeved white blouse with a high neck and what appears to be a cravat fastened on by a red stone set in gold. She wears a gold-studded red corset with an attached skirt with it and over a pair of black short shorts and stockings trimmed with gold. When in captivity she has white, blood-stained bandages wrapped around her. Later at the Daga-Ken camp she receives a fleece-lined leather vest which laces at the front, black pants with a visible seam down the front and a red-brown sash tied around her hips. If she helps Nirah find her earrings she receives a pair of "Mercenary's earrings". After that, at the Silk in Adeshia, she receives a revealing red and gold dress (which causes whoever she has romanced to either blush or stare, bar Kole) and at the market, she can buy one or two of multiple outfits at various points in the game.


Aidas inital appearance in chapter 2


Aida is a brash, rather gruff young woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind. She isn't above stealing and lying; in fact, Chapter 1 of the game begins with her stealing gold coins from drunken men at a tavern.

She has three speaking options when it's the player's turn to interact: "Goodwill", "Cunning", and "Rage". "Goodwill" is represented by a star (sometimes shown as blue), "Cunning" is represented by a heart (sometimes shown as purple), and "Rage" is represented by a fist (sometimes shown as red). With "Goodwill", Aida is shown to be a very kind, considerate person that is aware of others' feelings and knows how to cheer people up. As her "Cunning" alter-ego, she is rather flirtatious and reckless and seems willing to do anything, underhanded or otherwise, to get her own way. When she is portrayed with "Rage", she often says very cruel, heartless things and can be very intimidating, not above using threats and violence.

Despite her outward snark, however, she is shown to use her sarcastic and jokey façade to hide her soft side. As mentioned by Kole in his confession, Aida will often check up on her friend, Sky, just before she goes to sleep, and listens to her as she cries - though she doesn't offer any advice or comfort, she just listens, which is what Sky needs. Furthermore, she is also shown to deeply regret the death of her friend, Victor, and wishes for nothing more than to take back what she did.

With the romance male characters, she has three speaking options; these appear to be "normal", "romantic", and "passionate". With normal dialogue, the love meter remains the same. With romantic dialogue, the love meter goes up, and often a gentler/more tender scene ensues. With passionate dialogue, the love meter also goes up, and a more intense scene follows.

If you want more points in chapters 2 and 3, press c.


Much is still unknown about her past; however, it's known for a fact that she is the Crown Princess of Valond, born of a Noble queen and a human king. Her twin brother, King Kael of Valond, stole her powers from her when she was younger. Previous to that, she had been living with her "grandmother", who was actually an elderly maidservant charged with hiding Aida from Kael. After she lost her Noble powers she was found on the verge of death by Sky and her father, Tahn.

Story Edit

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 starts with Aida and Sky in the Nifty Fox Inn in Davenside, pulling the "drunken fight" trick to steal some money. The two girls return to the camp, Aida is confronted by Tahn for putting Sky in danger. She then talks to a few other camp residents before retiring to her tent. In the tent, she finds Sky, who tells her that she's found information about a "hidden temple" in Ionmarsh that contains part of a map to the Old Kingdom in her mother's journals. Aida agrees to search for the temple with her. Early in the morning, the two sneak out and begin their quest. After Sky spots something moving in the bushes, Aida identifies it as a rabbit and manages to catch the animal. The two make their way to Ionmarsh, and find a ruined temple like the one mentioned in the journals. After making their way into the first room, Aida attempts to take a jewel from a queen statue's forehead. This causes the entire room to begin to shake, and Aida rises into the air glowing for a minute before the secret tunnel is opened. After Aida activates the secret tunnel, the two move into the second room. After realizing the room is a dead end, Aida touches a puddle of black liquid, launching her into a nightmare about the day she was attacked and nearly killed by Kael. After being awoken by Tillie, who entered the temple with Zander for research, the four agree to team up to look for the Old Kingdom together. They head back to the camp to rest, and Aida chats a little with Zander. As they near the camp, Aida senses that something is wrong, and her suspicions are confirmed when the group sees that everyone in the camp has been killed. She goes to comfort Sky, who is in her tent where her father lies dead, but leaves her alone when asked. Zander tells Aida that he believes that the crime was perpetrated by the gang called the Eagles, and Aida agrees to infiltrate the group in order to reclaim the journals.

The group arrives in Northcliff. Aida immediately sets out looking for a cape. She checks the tailor, but the saleswoman Anissa reports that she has just sold the only one to a moon elf heading into the Wandering Tree, a bar. Aida enters the bar, and is introduced to Jace, although they do not part on good terms because she refuses to play along with his ploy to get more ale on his tab. Aida hunts down the cape's new owner in the bar, and he gives the article of clothing to her without protest, calling her by name. Aida learns later that this moon elf was actually Airdan. Next, Aida visits the blacksmith, who promises her a beautiful pair of daggers if she will smooth over relations with his daughter Anissa, the tailor. After Aida fulfills her duty, the blacksmith rewards her with her daggers. After asking around about the Eagles, she is given a note with "friendly advice" from a "friend" telling her to stop asking about the gang. We learn in Chapter 3 that this note was actually written by Kole. As Aida heads to the Fragile Falcon's Inn, she is stopped by a child who asks to pet her bunny. Aida gifts the bunny to the child, saying that it will be safer with her. When Aida goes to meet with the rest of the group in the Fragile Falcon's Inn, she sees Jace again. However, just as they start conversing, Eagle's thugs come to take Aida. The two fight them off together, engaging in banter the entire time. The rest of the group runs out of the Inn when they hear the fight to check on Aida. After reassuring them that she is alright, she enters the inn with Jace and the rest of her group. She talks to her band, and after receiving advice on attracting the attention of the Eagles from Tillie Aida sets out again. Aida beats up a thug threatening a librarian, then the boyfriend of a Valond priestess because of a misunderstanding. Finally, she assists a chef in making meatpies after her assistant Sam ruins her broth. After this, the Eagles come and kidnap Aida, knocking her unconscious

Aida awakens in the Eagles hideout. Diego tells her she must steal some documents in order to join the Eagles. Aida is taken to the building where the documents are housed, and she retrieves them. However, when she exits the building, Jace is waiting for her. Jace knocks Aida unconscious and takes the documents. Eagles members return Aida's unconscious body to their hideout, where Diego awakens and questions her, then locks her in a cell with Jace, who followed the party. Aida screams and curses at Jace for ruining their mission, and is only interrupted by the sound of Zander blasting through the hideout with his flame magic. Zander frees Aida from her cell, and Jace escapes along with them. The party regroups, with Jace tagging along. If Aida has been flirting with Zander or Jace, she chooses her love interest and shares a kiss with them. Then, the entire party leaves for the Crimson River, where Diego is taking the journals.

At the river, they find a ruined castle serving as Diego's hideout. Aida enters with Zander and Jace to search for the journals. Aida finds Diego and demands the journals, but soon the ground starts to shake and Aida rises into the air, glowing. Diego explains that, as a noble, Aida is a key to the Old Kingdom and is unlocking the gates with her presence. The building begins to collapse, but her group cannot find her in time and is forced to flee. A couple months later, Faelern finds Aida in the ruins of the building. The last image is of Aida opening her eyes, showing that the building's collapse did not kill her.

Chapter 2

Aida awakes from a nightmare involving travelling through a tunnel with unintelligible voices whispering around her. She resolves to go talk to Ava for a potion to help with her nightmares, and on her way out sees a note from Victor telling her that her daggers have been repaired. Aida goes to visit Victor, and receives her daggers, then goes to see Ava. Ava tells her that she'll make her a sleeping potion, but it won't resolve the nightmares. She gives Aida a list of ingredients to collect in Sundrop Forest for the potion. After Aida collects the ingredients, she meets a strange old man named Malvin. She mentions the collapse of the tower, and he says that it is "troubling," telling her to meet him at Ava's house. When she does, he and Ava are talking about the Old Kingdom and the opening of the gate.

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Ascension: ETD Edit

Aida has been confirmed to appear in Ascension: ETD by some art posted on Rinmaru's Tumblr. She is pictured in the new, detailed style typical of Rinmaru's newer games, wearing the black "spy" outfit from Ascension 3. It is not known what her role will be.


She used to have the traditional Noble strength, speed, eyesight and reflexes; however, most of her powers were [mostly] stolen by Kael.

Since having her powers stolen from her, Aida has been shown to be very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and handling with her dual daggers, as shown when she was able to defeat a few soldiers alone.

Unusually enough, she has the ability to open gates to the Old Kingdom without dying, something that most Nobles don't have.

As in Chapter 3, however, it is shown when she was put under emotional duress her eye turns to red, meaning that Aida still have some of her former powers.


  • Sky: Both a best friend and her surrogate family, Sky and Aida are basically platonic-soulmates. They met one another when Sky and her father found Aida injured on the ground in the woods, near death. Since saving her life, Aida has lived with Sky and her fellow thieves in a camp not far from a city, developing a close kinship with one another over the six years that Aida was with her camp. After the death of her fellow camp members, Sky continously tries to keep Aida safe, begging her not to die and scolding her when she does something reckless, as she cannot afford to lose Aida as well. Aida's relationship with Sky is a very close one, being that they treat each other as sisters. When Aida gets reunited with Sky in chapter 2, Sky is furious and actually shocks Aida with her enchanted item. However, Sky seems to forgive her relatively quickly, and the two are still close, but Aida and Sky begin to develop more independently from one another. In Chapter 3, It's mentioned in Kole's love confession that Aida checks on Sky every night before she goes to sleep, and listens to her when she cries. In addition, a Kaleik fortune teller tells Aida that although Sky has lost much, she still cares deeply for Aida and worries over her often. Close to the end of Chapter 3, when it is discovered that Sky and Diego have developed a sort of tentative relationship, Aida is visibly worried. She warns Diego about hurting her friend at tells them that it could never work, showing that even though she and Sky had been growing independent since Chapter 2, Aida is still a little reluctant to let her friend make her own choices. Whatever character Aida decided to bring with her to the fake slave transaction at Queen Calida's palace will warn her about being too controlling of Sky, but she becomes angry and defensive, unwilling to let go. However, at the end of Chapter 3, it seems more like she's willing to let Sky grow while still remaining very close friends.
  • Zander: Zander is the first canonical love interest for Aida. They first meet after Aida touches an incubus and is saved by Tillie.

As Friends: Zander is close with Aida, even if the two never become romantically involved. He is somewhat protective of her, for example in Chapter 1 asking if she is alright after hearing her brawl with a group of Eagles thugs, but not nearly as concerned as he is as a romantic partner. Zander also seems to respect Aida's strength, noting in Chapter 2 upon reuniting that he "should've known that it would take more than a collapsing tower" to kill her.

As Partners: In Chapter 1, if Aida flirts with Zander, he tells her that he cares deeply for her. Potentially because of his increased emotions as a mage, Zander becomes very close to Aida very quickly. In addition, he is very protective of Aida, in one instance panicking after he sees she has been in a fight asking if she is alright and if she needs healing. In Chapter 2, after they have their reunion and go to Ildis to meet with Tillie and the others, it is revealed that Zander dabbled in necromancy in an attempt to bring Aida back to life when the group thought she died in the tower crash. During Chapter 3, Tillie calls Zander out on wanting to do "binding" with Aida. Though it's unclear exactly what "binding" is, one can gather from context that it's a sort of magical ritual that connects the lives of two people - that if one of them dies, both of them do. Adding together this with the necromancy incident, along with the way that Zander constantly gets "fired up" when Aida is hurt or threatened in the series, and it's safe to say that he is completely in love with her. Aida, however, seems more hesitant. She depends on Zander a lot, but because of her usually independent nature, feels insecure with how much she loves him. On the boat in Chapter 3, the fortune teller tells Aida that he worries about her. If you pay her for a reading, she says that Aida should be wary of him, because he has no fear for his life or attachment to this world - however, it's clear from Aida and Zander's interactions later on that his only attachment to this world is Aida herself.

  • TillieAida and Tillie are both close friends and hold grounds of a mutual respect for one another. The two first met after Tillie saves Aida from an incubus when they were exploring old Dwarven ruins that Sky's mother had mentioned in her journals. The two enjoy teasing Zander as well, as Tillie happily agrees with Aida that he looks like he has a face of someone that has "eaten too much". At the end of Chapter 1, Tillie even tells Aida that it was a pleasure to become her friend, and was devastated when she thought Aida had died. Following in Chapter 2, Tillie and Aida tearfully reunite with much joy on both parties' accounts, and the rest of the chapter is spent as they grow closer as both comrades and friends. During Chapter 3, though there isn't too much interaction between them, Aida is invited to Tillie's wedding, and is obviously still regarded as a close friend. When Aida is freed from her brother Kael's torture, Tillie tears up as she sees how badly injured Aida was, and helps Sky in healing her wounds. Aida also respects Tillie's alchemy abilities, as shown when she comments at the alchemy table that "have to give credit to Tillie, this is harder than it looks..." Both characters have fun-loving personalities that compliment each other well.
  • Jace: A Knight and Aida's second possible love interest, who first appears in Northcliff when Aida, Tillie, Zander and Sky are seeking the Eagles. Whether the player chooses him as her love interest or not, he calls Aida "Gorgeous" and treats her with camaraderie as the two share a love of combat and often bond over fighting or swordplay.

As Friends: Even if Jace is not chosen as a love interest, he still is playfully flirty with Aida. The two become decent friends, and he respects her for her talents and strength.

As Partners: If Jace is chosen as the love interest, he shows an attachment to Aida far beyond that of friendship. Aida constantly worries about him and his feelings when it comes to his own past and Diego, and it is shown that Jace finds Aida strong and beautiful but worries about her as well when it comes to her recklessness, often telling her that she's not as strong as she thinks she is and should be more careful. In Chapter 2, Jace tears up when he sees Aida is alive, and lifts her up in his arms, refusing to set her down. Over the course of the chapter, they become more honest towards each other and, at the monastery, Jace expresses his worry over Aida more properly. However, they really start to develop in Chapter 3, when Diego's Eagles and Aida's party join forces. Diego tries to warn Jace that Aida is a princess and that, because of this, she couldn't be serious about him, and though Jace urges him that Aida isn't like the others, he is shown to get a bit more insecure. On the boat in Chapter 3, the fortune teller tells Aida that Jace has trouble trusting and that she should be wary, because no one leaves quite so easily as those who've been betrayed. However, after they meet again at the Kaleik camp, it's clear that he won't be leaving her any time soon and cares for her more than he's willing to say. However, he does get more open about his love for her.

  • Faelern: Faelern is Aida's third love interest. At the very end of Chapter 1, Faelern saves Aida from the collapsed tower. However, they get off to a rocky start. At the start of Chapter 2, Faelern calls Aida "Solyn," meaning "key," and says that she is an object rather than a woman. Aida returns the hostility, jokingly stating that she's glad to see him since they were "just out of positivity" when he shows up during her conversation with Malvin in Sundrop Forest. Faelern does not want to come with Aida to Ildis, but Ava says he must help and protect her.

As Friends:

As Partners: He tends to despise her and her attitudes, and calls her "Solyn" instead of Aida. The only time that he calls her by her name is at the end of chapter two, given that the player has chosen to romance him. He thinks that Aida is beautiful. However, as you progress through the story even if you don't choose him as a love interest he does start to warm up to Aida a bit, although he still refers to her as Solyn.

  • SeenaAida seems to enjoy having Seena around, and likes to give her advice, although according to Zander it's not always the best advice. In the very beginning when you first talk to Seena in Ildis, Aida talks with Seena and explains to her that sometimes it's just better to ignore people and other stuff, and that's when Seena starts to look up to Aida.


  • A sort of running gag in the series is that people tend to say that Aida doesn't "feel like a Noble", because of the fact that she's been depowered.
  • Aida once stole a golden hourglass from a rich dwarven merchant.
  • Another running gag is her rather explicit and morbid statements, as shown when she threatens multiple characters throughout the series.
  • In Chapter 2, when Aida is in hiding on Sundrop Island, she writes a letter that says, "Dear Sky, guess what!? I'm alive!" while drunk.
  • In Chapter 2, Aida mentions that she doesn't like fish because of the way they "look at [her] with those eyes."
  • One of the clues behind the fact that Kael is Aida's twin brother is that he has a red and green eye, instead of typical red. Aida's eye colour is also green.  
  • Aida is known for swearing a lot, and when she is near Seena she changes the way her sentences would finish so that the little girl doesn't hear something that is inappropriate for her age. 
  • Aida will eat everything. She is like a cave bear when it comes to food.
  • Her favorite color is red.
  • Aida's "Cunning" Personality is said to be her default one.
  • Aida also seems to have a fear, or at least an aversion, of needles, as she keeps skipping Kyra's appointments to take samples of her blood.
  • A third running gag in the series is her combining of two phrases together in certain situations. This runs in all three chapters. This includes phrases like "Thank you, cape man. Elf… man… Manelf?"
  • Yet another running gag is that Aida mentions that she is good at finding "shiny things" when asked to find anything shiny (money, gold earings, ect.) followed by her correcting herself nervously to "lost things".
  • Aida used to have a goldfish named Archibald, and, according to Sky, cried when he died.
  • It is shown in chapter 3 that Aida reads cheesy romance novels as a guilty pleasure.


  • "What an as--set. What a great asset."
  • "Becoming an elite stolen potato at a time!"
  • "YOU SON OF A- .........witch."
  • "I hate magical stuff."
  • (Reffering to the Gate) "Great. This is just great. I was so ready to live my life in hiding. Why do I always have to be in the middle of every chaotic event."
  • (To Tillie) "You know me, the portable danger magnet."
  • (To some thugs of Eagles) "Good. Now go back to your boss and tell him I'm coming for his cute butt and once I find him…I'm gonna take my daggers…Then I'm gonna gently stab his heart and literally chop his heart into small cute animal shaped pieces…And then I'm gonna feed you all with those pieces. And I'm gonna laugh while doing that."
  • (Her cunning option to Diego about Sky) "Great. Out of the two sober guys I get to pick between the blind one and the murderer..."
  • "Tell them the Queen wants her fucking throne back."

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