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Aida Ethelind Fairbairn

Gorgeous (by Jace)

Solyn (by Faelern)


Half Noble, Half Human




24 (as of chapter 3)


160 cm


June 12

Hair Color


Eye Color

Lime Green

Left Red (when stressed)

Personal Status



King Adrian Fairbairn (father, deceased)

Queen Kathleen Eira Drummond (mother, deceased)

King Kael Fairbairn (brother, deceased)

King Eames Landon Fairbairn (paternal uncle)

Arthur Fairbairn (possible paternal cousin)

Phillip Fairbairn (possible paternal cousin)


Noble (Former)



Aida (full name : Aida Ethelind Fairbairn) the main protagonist of the first three chapters of the Visual Novel Series Ascension. She is known to be a half Noble and is infamous for her foul language, even as far as being told that she swears like a "dwarven sailor".


Aida has the silver hair that is characteristic of all nobles, which she usually wears long. Unlike other nobles, her eyes are lime green rather than red due to her half-human status, and the fact she was depowered. However, for most of Chapter 3, when put under emotional stress, one eye colour changes to red, indicating that her Noble heritage has shown.

She also has a long diagonal scar on her stomach, after being stabbed by a Noble (before the events of Chapter 1). Her appearance often causes a lot of unwanted attention, as the majority of people are afraid of nobles and prefer to keep a safe distance from them.

Chapter 1Edit

Aida's appearance and hairstyles change depending on what personality option is the highest for her. If her "goodwill" meter is the highest, light blue and white tattoos appear on her face. If her "cunning" meter is the highest, multiple piercings will appear on her face and ears; red nail polish, golden jewelry and wavy hair may also appear depending on your "cunning" level. If her "rage" meter is the highest, scars and tattoos will appear on her face and arm, respectively. Her hair will suddenly be in a ponytail and her nail-polish shall be black. Otherwise, her hair remains relatively straight. She initially wears a cream blouse with brown straps and a brown glove on her left arm with black trousers. When Aida arrives in Northcliff, the player has the option to buy a new outfit from the four that are offered at Anissa's Dresses.

Chapter 2Edit

At the beginning of Chapter 2, the player is able to customize Aida's hairstyle as well as give her any tattoos. There are nine options for Aida's hairstyle on the top, and ten options for the style in back, generating 90 combined options. Her default hairstyle is a simple long braid. Aida has four options for tattoo patterns, including an Eagles tattoo on her chest. The starting outfit that Aida wears is a green tube top with brown halter straps and an orange wrap that she wears as a skirt. There is a pair of "Island Earrings" that can be found in the sand on the main beach of Sundrop Island. A ragged swimsuit in cream and brown is found in Sundrop Island's Winged Coast. Later, on The Savage Princess, talking to the sailor and giving him bread and salmon will get the Sailor's Earrings as a reward. When the captain sends you down to the crew quarters, the Smuggler's Earrings can be found next to some barrels. Later, in Ildis, Aida receives Ildisian robes in purple, blue and black from Tillie, and if she visits the jewelry store will be given pearl earrings. After that, the player can buy her one of two outfits that are similar to the ones from Anissa's Dresses in Chapter 1. When Aida's group returns to The Savage Princess, another outfit can be found in the cabin as a gift from Captain Nina.

Chapter 3 Edit

History Edit


Aida is the half Noble, half human daughter of King Adrian Fairbairn and Queen Kathleen. Her father died when she was an infant and her mother sent her away to prevent her from being killed.She was raised by a maid loyal to her mother, who she was lead to believe was her grandmother, never knowing she was the princess of the land or that she had a twin brother, Kael. Aida initially showed few emotions, like most Nobles, but she began to develop a more emotions as she grew older. Aida's 'grandmother' kept her hidden from the Nobles, telling her the day she met a real Noble, she would die.

Unfortunately, six years before the events of Ascension, Aida and her guardian were eventually tracked down by a Noble (who unbeknownst to Aida, was her brother Kael). He killed Aida's 'grandmother' and then stabbed Aida through the stomach and stole her power. Her body was then dumped in the woods, so that people would assume she was a victim of bandits. Aida nearly died from her injuries, but fortunately, she was found by an alchemist, Tahn, and his daughter Sky, an aspiring thief. Tahn was able to heal Aida though she was left with a permanent scar, and let Aida live with him and his daughter at Tahn's camp.

Aida chose not to tell Tahn and Sky about her past, finding it too painful and traumatic (and potentially risky, should the nobles discover she was still alive). Despite this, she became best friends with Sky and saw the camp as a surrogate family. Along with Sky, Aida became a skilled thief.

  • Aida's starter outfit in Chapter 1.
  • The first outfit from Anissa's.
  • The second outfit from Anissa's.
  • The third dress from Anissa's.
  • The fourth dress from Anissa's.
  • Aida after removing the gem from the Queen statue
  • Aida fighting the thug from the library
  • Aida fighting Jace

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